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MarketingFit Content Marketing 101

Content Marketing 101 Content really is king. But, as critical as a content strategy is to your overall marketing plan, many tech marketers still struggle to create relevant and interesting content to engage their target audience.

So, how do you create great content that will resonate with tech buyers and make your organization stand out from the rest? Knowing your audience, understanding their needs and prioritizing what IT buyers value most are the first steps to creating quality content that will attract buyers and keep your organization top of mind when it’s time to buy. But what else?

IDG’s MarketingFit Content Marketing 101 guides marketers through creating or enhancing their content marketing strategy to create more effective content in an easily digestible fashion. This guide shares exclusive research, case studies, and insights from content marketing experts – all for you!

Download IDG’s MarketingFit Content Marketing 101 for tips on:

  • Positioning your organization as reliable, consistent and trustworthy through content.
  • Creating content that serves the reader and stands out from the competition.
  • Establishing effective thought leadership and working with subject matter experts.
  • Effectively measuring the performance of your content marketing initiatives.

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Content Marketing 101


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