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MarketingFit Guide: Keys to an Effective Event Marketing Strategy to Reach Tech Buyers

Events provide a great opportunity to showcase a product or service, build brand awareness, and drive sales. Tech marketers get it…it’s a critical part of a holistic marketing strategy. 

Successful event marketing means doing your homework before you invest in an event. It’s about knowing where your targets will be and what types of events they value most. It’s also about understanding what they want to get out of their experience and ensuring they leave with a lasting impression of your company and products. 

Our MarketingFit Guide examines the role that industry events play in the technology purchase process – you’ll have access to in-depth research, steps for success, industry perspectives and eye-opening case studies. 

Download the MarketingFit Guide to learn:
•  The technology topics driving interest and registration for events.
•  Insights on the types of events that IT execs are attending (national, regional, custom) and the best methods for engaging with them on-site.
•  Top reasons why IT decision-makers attend events, along with what they hope to gain from the event experience and interacting with vendors.
•  Identifying sales opportunities and tips on content development for industry events.

Grab your copy of the MarketingFit Guide: Keys to an Effective Event Marketing Strategy to Reach Tech Buyers by filling out the form to the right. 


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