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MarketingFit Guide: Marketing Your Cloud Computing Products

Based on IDG’s 2019 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker and 2019 Customer Engagement research, this white paper dives into actionable insights regarding the cloud computing  purchase process. You’ll explore key fundamentals of the purchase process including: the important players, who holds the budget, and the role of existing and new vendors. The data also details the top information sources cloud-focused ITDMs turn to, the types of content they rely upon, and vendor actions that lead to IT engagement.

Download the summary to gain deeper insights into: 

  • Why IT decision-makers may seek a new cloud computing vendor
  • The full buying committee for the cloud purchase process, including the number of individuals involved
  • How cloud solutions are purchased – from new or existing vendors, or as additions or upgrades 
  • Only 38% of cloud computing specific downloaded content has proven valuable – what are their top relied upon types of content?

Cloud Computing Purchase Process




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