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State of the Network 2016

The 2016 State of the Network Study is conducted annually to provide a comprehensive view of technologies involving the network and adoption trends, investment priorities, and challenges around them. This year’s study also took a deeper look at the group responsible for managing network technologies.

Key findings include:

  • Network IT is changing how it operates in order to become more collaborative and be able to tackle diverse demands from next generation technologies.
  • Cloud and security initiatives rank highly within the IT organization for 2016 with the largest increases in IT budget allocation in those areas.
  • Security remains a top network challenge for 2016 as companies look at ways to mitigate risks and deploy security solutions around core and emerging technologies.
  • The time is now for vendors to build relationships with those responsible for the network and the technologies that touch the network. This IT group has technology management responsibility as well as purchase influence across multiple areas.

For more information on this study, view the excerpt below or register to download the white paper here.

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