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What is the Role of a CIO in Business Strategy?


The Strategic CIO: Now Ready for Prime Time
A White Paper from the
2017 State of the CIO Study

As businesses become more dependent on technology for success, exactly what role does a CIO play in the overall business strategy?

According to CIO‘s 2017 State of the CIO study, CIOs are finally able to devote more time and energy to strategic activities. While they still need to maintain oversight of IT operations, this dual focus makes the CIO role that much more important to the entire business.

In The Strategic CIO: Now Ready for Prime Time white paper you will read more about how a CIO contributes to business strategy through:

  • Key performance indicators for CIOs: Reporting structure, job tenure, etc.
  • Focus of time spent in current role and where efforts will be focused in the future.
  • The struggle for IT talent.
  • Where tech budgets stand and where investments are allocated.
  • The growing relationship and heightened collaboration between CIOs/IT and line of business (LOB) leaders.

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