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Explore Tech Priorities & Investments Amid the Pandemic [Webcast]

How are IT decision-makers (ITDMs) tackling digital transformation efforts and balancing their time and budgets during the COVID-19 pandemic? CIO’s 2020 CIO Pandemic […]

Marketing Security Products & Services

Based on CSO’s Pandemic Impact Survey fielded in March right when the affects of COVID-19 started to be felt, 61% of security […]

2020 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study

While technology innovation has constantly been imperative to the growth of organizations and society overall, there is an entirely new importance on […]

6 Months In: How IT Leaders are Responding to the Pandemic [Infographic]

It has been more than 6 months since the COVID-19 pandemic changed our society – whether that be how organizations conduct business, […]

CIO Pandemic Business Impact Survey, 2020

Since the pandemic began in March, mindsets on when “back to normal” life will occur have changed. Previously it was by the […]

2020 Cloud Computing Executive Summary

Cloud platforms are playing critical roles in helping businesses react to the current crisis as they enable operational resiliency and provide necessary […]

2020 Cloud Computing Study

As organizations continue to realize benefits from cloud computing, there is no question that cloud tools and solutions are here to stay. […]

2020 Customer Journey Poster

Explore the Elements of the Tech Purchase Process The rules of the road to navigate the tech buyer’s journey are evolving, so […]

IT Leaders’ Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic [Infographic]

Starting out 2020, technology initiatives were filled with promise. More than half, 59%, of IT leaders expected their IT budgets to increase […]

CIO COVID-19 Impact Study

If you had asked IT leaders in the beginning of 2020 about their upcoming tech initiatives plans and expectations for IT budget […]

2020 State of the Network Executive Summary

To position their organization for future growth, IT decision-makers are eyeing several new technologies. This executive summary, based on the 2020 State […]

2020 State of the Network Study

The 2020 State of the Network research was conducted to better understand the role of the networking professional by looking at their […]