Want to Excel at Content Marketing? Be Sure to Hire Experts in Emerging Technologies

A few weeks back I wrote about the future of content marketing, predicting that “tomorrow’s marketing content will be highly visual, often interactive, personalized whenever possible, and 100% mobile optimized.”

To me, interactive content marketing has the biggest “cool” factor, as it usually involves blending together one or more emerging technologies with design, enthusiasm, and some form of interaction, among other things.

Here’s a great example: According to an article on www.mediapost.com, “Harley-Davidson used Facebook Live for the first time to give brand enthusiasts firsthand access to a product announcement.”  The motorcycle company launched an all-new product—the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine—by broadcasting the Facebook Live unveiling from H-D’s Pilgrim Road engine plant.

“Viewers were able to virtually tour the plant, the only location where the engine is made. The company was touting upgrades to the plant, including the addition or replacement of 130 machines and the retooling of 330 machines. Viewers were also able to interact with Harley engineers throughout the broadcast,” according to the article.

Although the success of this interactive event remains to be measured and analyzed, it’s got a lot of the “that’s pretty cool” factor.

But my takeaway isn’t about what Harley Davidson did – or what technology the company used to create this launch-it-live-on-Facebook event. The key question facing content marketers is, who can I hire with the right blend of knowledge and/or experience in content marketing, technology, design, and creative expression to bring these ideas to life?

Hint: Digital natives, as in, the generation that has grown up 100% digital. These are the young professionals who have lived and breathed digital technology from the beginning. Graduates from programs like this one at Syracuse University: a dual-degree in Information Management & Technology—matched with a major in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications—and designed to meet the need for “new communications professionals … to be savvy in emerging technologies.”

Or those studying for a degree in “New Media Marketing” at the Rochester Institute of Technology – where the coursework exposes students to technologies such as social computing and mobile devices which are “dramatically changing the behaviors and characteristics that lead individuals and organizations to success.”

Here’s the bottom line: As you plan for the future of content marketing, be sure to plan for the skillsets that you’ll need to bring your interactive ideas to life. Look for titles like these—and the many variations on these titles that continue to emerge:

  • Mobile marketer
  • Digital media producer
  • Social media strategist
  • Content curator
  • Community manager
  • Social media engineer

And, my favorite: Gesture writer. An employee who creates touch interfaces. Who knew?

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