What to know about CIO roles and responsibilities

Personas: We know we need to deeply understand them in order to market effectively. So, if you’re trying to reach CIOs and other heads of IT, it is crucial to understand their roles and responsibilities within their organizations as part of that persona.

One of the most important things to realize about the role of a CIO is that it is fluid and ever-changing. According to the 2016 State of the CIO study, conducted by IDG Enterprise’s CIO.com, which takes a comprehensive look into the evolution of the roles and responsibilities of a CIO, CIOs fit into three archetypes.

  • Strategic CIOs spend most of their time on strategy, growth, and innovation activities.
  • Transformational CIOS are focused primarily on implementing new systems and architectures, leading change efforts, and aligning IT with business goals.
  • Functional CIOs spend time managing expenses, security and IT crises, and improving IT operations.

Notice we didn’t say “they fit into one of these three archetypes.” If a CIO is one of these today, that doesn’t mean they won’t fit into a different category tomorrow. Whether a CIO is strategic, transformational, or functional, is a fluid classification and largely relates to the role IT must play to execute upon business strategy. Think about it this way: A group CIO at a European electronics company has been helping the company execute a new corporate model, necessitating an examination of costs, infrastructure, and security – all typically functional activities. However, that same CIO must now start to think strategically as they prepare for the future and implement that new landscape.

So, when creating content for CIOs, remember to keep their evolving roles and responsibilities in mind for optimal success. Have you noticed your customers switching their focus due to business need? Let us know using @idgenterprise on Twitter.

CIO roles and responsibilities


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