Why We’re Creating a Tech Influencer Network for the Next Phase Of Content Marketing

Technology marketers are pretty much all-in on content marketing – but less than one-third feel they’re effective at it. Many are struggling to deliver a consistent rhythm of credible content that resonates with the IT and business decision-makers they’re targeting.

IDG’s 2016 Customer Engagement study underscores the challenges that technology marketers face in getting the attention of IT decision-makers. Eighty percent of respondents said finding trusted, high-quality information about IT products and services is at least somewhat challenging. Their top three peeves: too much marketing hype, a lack of truly independent information, and information that is too general.

At IDG’s Strategic Marketing Services group, we’re evolving along with our clients to address these persistent challenges. Our traditional content marketing model (dating all the way back to when we still called it custom publishing) was built around generalists – writers and editors with broad knowledge of the IT industry. Our editorial teams were experts at translating a client’s marketing messages into informative white papers, blog posts, and other digital assets.

That’s still a valuable service, but now our clients are asking for more. They understand that peers are the No. 1 source of technology information for IT decision-makers. They know that 92% of IT decision-makers value content that’s tailored to their interests. To meet these demands, marketers need to deliver content from a much more diverse group of contributors who align to their specific needs and the needs of their target audience.

That’s why we’re launching the IDG Influencer Network, a comprehensive resource that allows us to match the best and brightest IT experts on the planet with the content marketing objectives of technology marketers.

The IDG Influencer Network consists of a broad and deep community of journalists, designers, consultants, industry analysts, academics, and IT professionals who contribute their knowledge and expertise in support of our clients’ content marketing programs. These community members offer a variety of skill sets and topical expertise that span industries and organizational functions. Need a blogger who’s an expert in cloud storage? We know just the person. Need a webcast speaker who can talk about big data in healthcare? We’ve got that. Need a half-dozen tech influencers to participate in a live Twitter chat on cybersecurity? We can gather them for the client.

The foundation of our Influencer Network is already in place – we’ve collected and consolidated the writers, editors, designers, and other content specialists who have supported our marketing services business for many years. But now we’re looking to expand our community on a global scale, with an increasingly granular mix of skills and subject matter expertise.

To be considered for this exclusive community, I invite you to fill out the online registration form we’ve created.  The only cost is a few minutes of your time to give us some relevant information about your background, skills, and interests in developing high-quality content across a range of formats and channels. If we like what we see, we’ll follow up with more details.

The future of content marketing lies in the ability to create highly relevant, credible, quality content, and deliver it at scale to just the right slice of audience. The IDG Influencer Network is the latest step in our efforts to help technology marketers realize that future.

Questions? Feel free to contact me directly at roregan@idgcommunications.com.


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