100 Premier IT Leaders Conference

This five-day event allows sponsors to interact with the CIO winners of the IT Leaders Award and major technology executives from the most important companies in Brazil. The event focuses on content, relationships, business and personal development.

100 Premier IT Leaders Conference


Event Details:

City:Porto Seguro
Venue:Arraial d'Ajuda Eco Resort
Event Date(s):2015-05-20 to 2015-05-24
Event Manager:Paula Campelo
Telephone: +55-11-3049-2061
Fax: +55-11-3049-2066
E-Mail: paula.campelo@nowdigital.com.br

Audience: The audience is comprised of CIOs from major Brazilian companies who are responsible for annual ICT investments worth over $1 million.

Audience Highlights
*CIOs from all over Brazil

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