Platform Trends

Global Research: Mobile for Work and Shopping
A recent IDG Global Solutions (IGS) online survey asked people in 43 countries how they use their mobile devices at work and when shopping.

The Smartwatch Wars: Hoards of Contenders Hunting For Purpose
IDG Connect
Remember when you had a calculator watch and felt like the biggest tech whizz in school? If all the big tech companies get their way, every man, woman and child will soon be experiencing that joy, with a 21st century twist.

IDC: Mobile app developers are now as interested in tablets as smartphones, 51% expect to build for enterprise
The Next Web
The fact tablet development has now caught up to smartphone development is noteworthy, as is the increasing focus on the enterprise, but one trend that hasn’t changed is developers’ interest in building for multiple operating systems.

Firefox OS: Does the World Need Another Smartphone OS and What are the Odds on its Success?
IDG Connect
While the wealthy of North America and Western Europe discuss the respective qualities of iOS and Android platforms, the fact remains that much of the world can't afford an iPhone and Android remains a mixed bag on lower-cost handsets. Enter Firefox OS with its pure HTML5 approach promising low prices and an open market for fast apps.

As Tablets Surge, Ereaders Struggle
The International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that in Q3, worldwide shipments of smart connected devices—a category that includes PCs, tablets and smartphones—increased by 27.1% year over year, to 303.6 million shipments valued at $140.4 billion.

Research: What Media and Devices Motivate BtoB Tech Buyers
IDG Knowledge Hub
Business and IT professionals are taking to social, mobile, and video in a big way in the US. They also have several favorite sources of information on tech products. These are some of the findings in a recent IDG Research Services survey of more than 2, 200 visitors to IDG sites such as CIO, Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, and PCWorld.

The App Revolution: How this Varies By Market
IDG Connect
App culture has become ubiquitous; Google's Our Mobile Planet series shows featured app stats for a variety of countries, including who has the most, who can't live without them, and the free/paid for ratio.

The Great Productivity Divide: 47 Years of Office Progress
IDG Connect
IDG Connect research shows 60% of US IT professionals surveyed bring their own device to work; 95% believe it positively improves their work/life balance and 73% think it enhances their colleagues' productivity. Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect, discusses holographic bosses, offices of the future and the next phases of BYOD.

Are We All Suffering From Apple Apathy?
IDG Connect
So here it is. After months of speculation and following on barely a month after the iPhone was released, the iPad Mini has been announced, and will be unleashed upon the world on 2nd November. Joy.

Gadget Loving Japan - Sent Via Fax or Smartphone?
IDG Connect
Despite how into gadgets and tech Japan is, they lag behind on smartphone adoption. There are over 120 million phone subscribers, yet just one in five people own a smartphone.

IDG Connect Research Shows 44% of Future Tablet Buyers Intend to Invest in Android Devices
IDG Connect’s study of 3124 worldwide IT and business professionals demonstrates a startling move away from iPads, especially in developing regions.

Tablets, Security and the Cloud - Middle East
IDG Connect
IDG Connect has released global tablet research based on a survey of 3124 IT and business professionals. Kathryn Cave, editor of IDG Connect, discusses results from the Middle East.

The Tablet Security Conundrum - Asia
IDG Connect
IDG Connect has released global tablet research based on a survey of 3124 IT and business professionals. Kathryn Cave, editor of IDG Connect, discusses the Asian findings.

The Emergence of Tablets - Africa
IDG Connect
IDG Connect has released global tablet research based on a survey of 3124 IT and business professionals. Kathryn Cave, editor of IDG Connect, looks at the African results.

Tablets 2020 - Global
IDG Connect
IDG Connect has released global tablet research based on a survey of 3124 IT and business professionals. Kathryn Cave, editor of IDG Connect, discusses the findings.

IDC finds lead-gen top marketing priority
Improving lead generation is the top marketing priority this year for tech marketers, according to IDC's “2012 Tech Marketing Barometer Study.”

Tablet Explosion: Over 100M to Ship This Year, With Android Rising
The momentum is impressive, IDC says, and it is raising its 2012 targets appreciably, from an earlier forecast of 87.7 million units to 106.1 million.

The Rise of the App Internet
IDG Connect
A social thunderstorm is approaching, one which will expose the web’s limited architecture, and mark the end of the traditional browser. In the wake of the storm will dawn a new era, which Colony dubbed the ‘Post-Social’ world.

IDC: The iPhone is once again the world's No. 1 smartphone
CNN Money
IDC reports that Apple, selling 37 million iPhones last quater, has regained the top spot that it took from Nokia in June and gave up to Samsung in September.

IDG Enterprise's Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise
IDG Enterprise
With more and more people bringing their own technology to the workplace, IT departments are challenged with supporting multiple platforms and devices.

Majority of Technology Marketers Plan Budget Increases for 2012
IDG Knowledge Hub
In a new global research report released today by IDG Research Services, two-thirds of the technology marketers surveyed said they expect their budgets to rise on average 3.5% next year compared to this year.

At 'BtoB's' mobile forum: Mobile poised to dominate the Internet
Marketers need to rethink mobile marketing, not as simply an adjunct to existing digital channels but as the soon-to-be-dominant medium through which virtually everyone will consume marketing content.

IDG Event Solutions: Building Trust
IDG Knowledge Hub
Events continue to dominate B2B media spend. Tech vendors are forecasting a 23.9% rise in budget being allocated to events, a rise from 17.8% in 2011. At IDG there has been a 19% rise in the number of events we are running globally...

IDG Enterprise recognized for success with social media

The Social Media Society of Boston honored its Top Social Media Stars of Boston on Oct. 2, a group of 15 individuals that included IDG Enterprise SVP/Chief Content Officer John Gallant and Editor-in-chief Brian Carlson.

IDG Global Survey Shows Smartphone Use Growing Rapidly with Regional Differences

An online survey by IDG Global Solutions (IGS) identified differences in favored smartphone brands and usage by region, but it is clear that the traditional cellphone is fading fast.