IDG Events
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We create 1st party relationships with the most important tech buyers and influencers in the world. Our audiences represent the widest range of tech buyers and buying teams in the market.
We create the quality content and context that matters because we understand the technology landscape like no one else, and holistically address the full buying team’s information needs. From business technologists to enthusiasts, IDG gives marketers unprecedented quality at scale.
Demand Generation
Marketers rely on IDG’s trusted 1st party relationships to create the valuable, contextually relevant and accurate data that connects them with the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.
Marketing Services
We use our audience knowledge and marketing expertise to create solutions that resonate and are effective at engaging buyers across the tech ecosystem. From custom research to social media and everything in between and beyond, our experts will craft the content and solutions you need to make an impact.
Building bridges between buyers and sellers, our events bring together technology decision-makers that are curious to learn about what is next in technology and business strategy and tips for implementation to make their business thrive.