A dedicated team

Stronger Together

Our people are the heart of all we do. We are a team that is driven and inspired to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. Our collective success is achieved through the creativity, insight, and innovation of our employees. We invest in our employees through training and career development, and believe in their wellbeing and a healthy work/life balance.

Our Culture

Asked to describe our culture, employees often use words such as: friendly, entrepreneurial, innovative, global, flexible, and collaborative. We continuously look to identify new ways to support our team members, keep them connected, and ensure that IDG, Inc. is an extraordinary place to work.

Our Values

Our ten corporate values have been a cornerstone of our business and culture since our inception.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Dedicated Team

Across IDG, Inc. and our companies, diversity and inclusion is built into our culture and values. We have global D&I Councils focused on elevating issues and driving initiatives to ensure there is an ongoing focus and open dialogue across the organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Education

To create a world-class education program for global IDG, Inc. employees, aiming to bring greater awareness, conversation and learning across many D&I areas.

Women in Leadership

To focus on celebrating, developing and elevating women across IDG, Inc.

Leveraging Company Products

To review all business products and platform to identify opportunities to support communities of color and other diversity initiatives.

Racial Diversity and Cultural Awareness

To increase racial diversity at all levels of the organization.


To share diversity demographics internally and externally and measure progress; to share D&I goals and actions across the global company.

Training and Development

One of our Corporate Values is "to invest in our people through training and career development" and we take this to heart. We have many opportunities available to global employees to continuously grow and develop themselves. We take pride in offering timely and relevant training and we are always evolving our offerings, to be responsive to current business and employees needs.

Come Join Us

Help us realize our vision to make the world a better place through technology.

What Our Employees are Saying

Working at IDG, Inc. for 25 years is one of the best choices I have ever made. This company has given me a platform and a full range of opportunities for career development. I have been fortunate to progress from an analyst to a managing director and to follow my career aspirations. The sense of value from working here continues to ignite my career dreams, allowing me to devote myself to the company and the research we do.

Kitty Fok

Managing Director IDC China

Working at IDC offers analysts an opportunity to build their own client communities externally and research communities internally. We have access to incredible data resources and colleagues who enjoy collaborating on key projects to come up with the best models and ideas. I've been able to expand my professional network and consultative experience, engaging with senior leaders across technology buyer and vendor communities.

Amy Loomis

Research Director, Future of Work IDC US

I have the privilege of working closely with the leadership and management team across IDG Corporate, IDC and IDG Communications. What continues to inspire me is that the entire leadership team has a clear vision for the development of the company as well as the employees. Not only does the team focus on product innovations and customer satisfaction, they recognize the value of their employees and view career development as a key element to the company’s success.

Julianne Chen

Executive Assistant IDG, Inc.

I started in sales in 2005 and have held a series of sales leadership and senior management positions. I’ve stayed here for two main reasons. First, the company has kept innovating and developing solutions to keep pace with a changing marketplace and customer needs. To constantly be learning is extremely exciting, interesting and of course, challenging. Second, working for a global company brings massive benefits with opportunities to learn, collaborate and be part of a truly international team.

Neil Michael

Chief Revenue Officer, International,
Foundry (formerly IDG Communications)